Challenged Base Learning (CBL)

Week 1. Earlier this term we learnt about natural disasters now we are doing CBL (Challenged Based Learning). I’m in a group with will m, aleccia and Connor we choose to collect plastic bags and putting boxes outside classrooms then giving them to Coles. to do this we are all making posts on our blogs, posters to put around our school and maybe make an announcement at assembly or put some information in our school newsletter.

Week 2. was fun because we got our idea approved by miss may and we are all really email company’s, teachers and our headmistress. Next week we probably will be very busy with phone calls and trying to get 36 boxes for all the classes in the school and writing our speech for assembly. Our rolls we figured out that every Friday after inter school sport we can collect boxes from each grade. I’m getting the preps, Aleecia is getting 1&2, Connor is getting 3&4 and will.m. is getting 5&6.

Week 3. This week we only got two session to do CBL We have got our speech ready for assembly too and Connor has drafted a email for the office lady’s.


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