A contraction is usually a verb. In a contraction, an aposttrophe takes the place of a missing letter some contractions are: I’m I amcan’t  cannot, don’t  do not, they’ll they will, where’s where is, it’ll it will and I would I’d.

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What other contraction can you think of ?






What animals will you choose 

1. Horse because you can ride them. Also because the flood would’ve destroyed my mum and my dads car. And you can play with them.
2. Chickens because you can eat them. If your a vegetarian don’t take this the wrong way. Also I get eggs.

3. Cows and I’m sorry if you are a vegetarian I like beef and milk. Cows give you milk and I love milk. Cows also provide beef and I love beef meatballs.

4. Dogs this is an obvious answer but you can have them as pets. And cause there cute. Also you can teach them tricks.

5. Cats obviously they are so cute. I can make up my own YouTube channel about funny cat videos. And they are so soft.


 What animals will you choose?