Shawn the police man

This afternoon Shawn the police man came and talked to use about  LEADERSHIP 

and how to be a good leader these are the the three main things Shawn talked about.

  1. shy – challenge yourself
  2. police officers – role model
  3. Leadership course – don’t yell at people because your a leader.

Mrs. Montgomery talk.

Mrs Montgomery Is our Principal. Since I’m at the end of grade 5 I get to pick if I want to be a leader. Mrs Montgomery was telling what LEADERSHIP  was and how there’s lots of little things in the word LEADERSHIP these are some examples.

  1. Honesty
  2. Listening
  3. Trust your friends
  4. Stay strong  (the mental kind not the physical kind)
  5. Sense of humour (Not the mean kind)
  6. Teamwork (we watched a funny cartoon about teamwork)
  7. Focusing on what’s important